Manufacture of environmentally friendly products

Meerqat is launching a new product to the GCC markets . The agreement between Meerqat and Q Products a US based company the design owner of Q Desk will facilitate the production a scool desk that has no joints or couplings of any kind and taking into consideration the international ergonomic and size norms corresponding to student size. This design will avoid back pain and student restlessness and any future permenat damages to student health.


100% RECYCLABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY The Desq is the only truly eco-friendly alternative for today’s classroom. It is more than just a 100% recyclable desk; it is a great example to promote a student’s environmental stewardship in and out of the classroom.


The Desq is easy for teachers and students to move around to fit any classroom arrangement preference. Studies revealed a significant, contemporary shift in elementary seating design preferences away from desks set into rows or clusters.


The Desq is perfect for any type of education facility. It has high load resistance, is easy to transport, does not corrode or rust, and allows fast setup of classrooms in temporary educational facilities in regions hit by wars and natural disasters.


The Desq was designed with special attention to the ergonomic aspects to offer students a desk that provides excellent comfort and posture support, because children today spend significantly more time sitting compared to 20 years ago.


The Desq is made with one piece of 100% polyethylene to ensure the structural strength and integrity. It won’t corrode like metal, or warp like wood. The Desq is easy to clean, which is both practical and more hygienic.


The Desq’s modern design gives the school classroom a colorful, fun look that children love; while providing unmatched comfort and ergonomic benefits.


The Desq is proud to be 100% made in Qatar (raw material and end product) and being part of Qatar Vision 2030, based on innovation and entrepreneurship.