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                                                  Meerqat Company was established under the leadership of Dr. Khalid Rashid Al-Hajri, a Qatari PHD holder in the field of Environmental Engineering. Dr. Al-Hajri theoretical background and practical expertise shaped a futuristic vision for a Qatari industrial startup born in 2007. The vision is:

"To augment patented eco & ergo effective industrial design in the manufacturing process to serve the health, safety and environmental needs in Qatar and the GCC economy"

 His practical experience started by teaching fluid mechanics, oceanography and environmental engineering in the engineering college of Qatar university. During the academic years Dr. Al-Hajri devoted his research efforts to water issues in the GCC reign, he joined the GCC water society, published articles on manufacturing mini household based units of desalination using solar energy, and the article was published in the journal of renewable energy 1995. He joined the technical team to trace the pollution in the Arabian Gulf in the aftermath of the Gulf War in the early months of 1991 which left behind it damaged sea environment. Large quantities of oil (2.5 to 4 million barrels) were dumped into the Arabian Gulf. Dr. Khalid's back ground on oceanography helped to the contribution of the expert team to trace the expected path of the oil spill while it travelled across the Gulf.

 Dr.  Khalid then joined Qatar Petroleum to lead the department of Environment, health and safety. He supervised the environmental and health assessment of QP projects. He was a member of the National Qatari team to Kyoto protocol negotiations. He initiated and drafted the Qatari proposal to WTO members aimed at adding the natural gas and its derivatives to the list of organization's environmental commodities. This report was used to draft the letters sent from the Emir H. H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani to the member countries in the World Trade Organization.

After leaving QP Dr. Al- Hajri worked as a free lance consultant   in engineering and economic assessment of different types of projects during boom in the Qatari economy. The last of these projects is to work as a free lancer consultant on the environmental impact of the Qatar-Bahrain Bridge.  

In 2007 he started the Meerqat startup in the private sector. This entrepreneurial initiative was started by utilizing his theoretical and practical expertise to diagnose different health, safety and environmental needs in the Qatari and GCC economies, identify patented product design and process design to satisfy these needs in different sectors of the economy.